About Us


Over 26 million students depend on the school bus to get to and from school each day.

NRT Bus is a company that cares. Our positive attitude is reflected in our management style and in our employees’ attitude, starting with our staff, mechanics and office professionals.

NRT is proud to be part of Beacon Mobility, a family of transportation companies dedicated to helping adults and children get where they need to go – safely, on time, and by people who care. Our core purpose is to provide Mobility Without Limits by Transporting People to Live, Learn, and Achieve, and we take that responsibility very seriously – for us it’s a labor of love, and we are dedicated to ensuring that the individual requirements of our students are met each and every day.

The pride we instill in our people is a direct result of recognizing that people who care about what they do will excel. Our team approach makes sure that our employees are the best trained, most dedicated and caring people we can employ. After all, our clients entrust their children to us.

We view our relationship with the various school districts as a partnership and we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

  • Regular home-to-school bus transportation
  • Field-trip, athletic event transportation
  • Special needs service (mostly door to door)
  • Collaborative special needs transportation within the Northeast Network
  • Summer school and camp service
  • Charter trips

Who We Serve

NRT Bus (North Reading Transportation) has transportation contracts with many cities, private and public school systems throughout New England for home-to-school transportation.

NRT Bus also provides shared rides for children attending SEEM and GLEC Schools as well as other collaborative schools. In the future, the network of schools to which we transport will continue to expand as more school districts request our services for their children.